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KT Glassworks, LLC was founded by glass artist, Kazuki Takizawa to cater to clients and businesses with their custom glass fabrication needs. Takizawa and his team of professional glassblowers have worked on residential and commercial projects across the world. Located conveniently in the West Adams district in Los Angeles, the facility at KT Glassworks, LLC is available to designers, students, and professional glassblowers to work with molten glass. 

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Kazuki Takizawa is a Japanese artist currently based in Los Angeles, California. He was born and raised in Hong Kong, and went to high school in Bangkok, Thailand. 


Takizawa started working with glass in 2005 at the University of Hawaii at Manoa where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts degree in glass art. He has graduated from UHM with High Honors, and since then, he has been working with glass professionally. His work has garnered recognition through prestigious awards, exhibitions and artist residencies. Most recently, his work has been featured on NBC California, Spectrum News 1, and Talking Out Your Glass podcast.

Visit the Artist's website here.


Kazuki Takizawa

Owner /Artist 

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