The studio at KT Glassworks is committed to providing a safe working environment to our local glass artists, students, and our clientele to accommodate their visit to the studio. As we reopen our studio for classes, lessons, and facility rentals, we would like to share with you some changes to the operation of our facility and a safety protocol that we will be implementing. 

Safety Protocol

Before You Visit the Studio: 

  • Please bring your own mask and wear a mask while you are in the studio (If you are fully vaccinated for COVID-19, you have the option to take your mask off in the studio. 

  • Cotton clothing (jeans and a T-shirt) is ideal for glassblowing. Please wear covered-toe shoes. Please DO NOT wear synthetic clothing, loose clothing, or excessive metal jewelry to your lesson. If you have long hair, please tie your hair back while working with glass. 

  • If you are feeling sick or have been in close contact with someone sick, please contact the studio to reschedule or cancel your reservation. Your reservation fee will be fully refunded. 

During Your Visit to the Studio:

  • We will provide you with disinfected safety glasses for you to wear in our studio. If you wear prescription glasses, those work perfectly as well! If you have your preferred stylish safety glasses, please feel free to bring those to your lesson. 

  • We don't recommend wearing gloves while you are blowing glass due to reduced dexterity and its potential increase in the risk of burns. 

Curbside Pickup:

  • The artwork you produce will be available for curbside pickup 24 -48 hours after your class. Please make sure to make an appointment with us to schedule your pick-up time. 

Cancellation Policy:​

  • If you are feeling sick or have been in close contact with someone sick, please cancel or reschedule your reservation prior to class time. We will issue you a full refund or reschedule your reservation at no additional cost. For other cancellations and rescheduling requests, please refer to our 7-day cancellation policy

New Changes to Our Daily Facility Operations:

  • Our staff members will be disinfecting all commonly touched surfaces including studio table, restroom, kitchen area, blowpipes, and glassblowing bench stations prior to your arrival at the studio

  • All staff members will be monitoring their health closely, and will not come into work when he/she is feeling sick or come in close contact with someone sick. 

  • All visits to the studio will be admitted by appointment only. For artwork pickups, please let us know in advance so we can have them ready at the door. 

  • Scheduling will be coordinated to ensure there will be a small group of visitors at the studio at all times. 

  • We will have hand sanitizer and disinfected kitchen and restroom area for washing your hands. 

Please address any safety-related questions to