IMPORTANT NOTE: In response to ongoing developments related to the COVID-19 virus, any visitation to the studio at KT Glassworks will be by appointment only. Please send us an email to make an appointment for curbside pick up, virtual meetings, and virtual tour of our showroom and to receive information regarding custom glass services, upcoming classes, private lessons, and facility rentals. 

Please review our Safety Protocol that our studio will be implementing as we reopen for classes and rentals. 

Glassblowing Rental in Los Angeles, California

KT Glassworks accommodates facility and equipment rental to professional glassblowers who have the ability to blow glass independently. All rentals are on an hourly basis. Please contact us to schedule a time to rent the hotshop.



Rates reflect the use of reasonable clear glass consumption (10lbs per hour). Heavy usage of clear glass and extra annealer space will incur additional charges. We melt GLASMA batch 705 from Sweden. We do not supply colored glass for renters. 



Mini Hole (7") - $60 per hr. (or $50 per hour for 6 or more hour session)

10lbs per hr. clear glass usage included. 

Small Hole (12") - $60 per hr. (or $50 per hour for 6 or more hour session)

10lbs per hr. clear glass usage included. 


Large Hole (18") - $70 per hr. (or $60 per hour for 6 or more hour session) 

10lbs per hr. clear glass usage included. 


Garage: $30 per day

Hot Torch: $30 per day

Pick-up Oven: Complementary with the hourly reservation fee



Extra Clear Glass Usage $2.25/PER LBS

Any excessive use of oxy/propane hot torch, fluffy torch, annealer space & schedule will incur additional charges. (If you are doing hot-sculpting with excessive use of hot torch, please let us know. We may ask you to bring your own tanks) Please email the studio for more information.




Small annealer is 29’’D 38’’W 28’’H and our large annealer is 29’’D 48’’W 28’’H with shelf options. Basic annealer space and annealing schedule is included in the cost of the studio rental. Annealers are set on an overnight annealing program and are unloaded the next morning. Longer annealing programs are available at an additional charge. KT Glasswork is not responsible for any work that breaks or is not annealed properly. Please let us know in advance if you think you need a longer annealing cycle for your work.



To reserve studio time or to arrange a tour of the studio, please contact us